Chicken tikka

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Ayelet wrote:

Day 4 of the Non-Cook Cooks: Thanks to Judith Hill-Weld MFT and Rebecca Sullivan Silbert I made chicken tikka in a baking pan, recipe by the truly earthshakingly awesome Smitten Kitchen.…/2016/04/sheet-pan-chicken-tikka/

I used sweet potatoes instead of potatoes and added baby artichokes. The latter did not turn out well. They were like burnt little metal spiders. Clearly I missed something critical in the youtube videos of "how to clean a baby artichoke" that I spent the morning watching instead of doing my work. The rest of the dish, however, was off the hook. Almost worth the incredibly deep gouge I got in my finger while trying to trim aforementioned artichokes. If a cut is still bleeding 6 hours later, does that mean anything? I tried sealing it with Crazy Glue, which I think sort of worked, but I'm wearing one of those see-through bandaids and I can still see it oozing. Fuck it. The food was great, so who cares? Oh, yeah, the rest of the meal. We are a saucey bunch so I made masala sauce, from this recipe…/13819-ultimate-chicken-tikka-masala to pour all over the chicken, potatoes and cauliflower. I can't imagine eating it without sauce or with just yogurt as the recipe recommends. Blech. I also fried up some frozen parathas that I bought at Vik Chaat House, which is hands down my favorite Indian restaurant in the Bay. They have a grocery store that is full of amazing stuff like...well... like frozen parathas.

I am totally fucking exhausted. I can't believe how draining it is to cook every night. And this was just four nights! Tomorrow is leftovers. Also? Michael's coming home for the weekend!! Yay!! He can do the cooking on Saturday and Sunday!!!! Oh, and also I miss him and can't wait to see him. That too.

masala sauce